Big Lagoon in Perdido

A quick drive south from Tarkiln Bayou and you’ll find yourself at Big Lagoon State Park. I’ve seen a few gators here along with the typical Blue Heron and Osprey! There’s an awesome trail along with an observation tower overlooking Johnsons Beach and the Gulf. The observation tower is a prime spot to watch the

Marcus Bayou Wetland

Marcus Bayou Wetland

If you’re not too fond of walking on the grass/dirt/mud/ then this is the trail for you! An elevated boardwalk covers the entire span of this gorgeous trail! On my walk I’ve seen deer in the distance and on separate occasions I’ve seen snapping turtles just by looking right below the boardwalk! It’s definitely not

Park East Artificial Reef

This weekend the water clarity was off the charts! Which was the best time to explore the depths of our artificial reef. A short peaceful drive through the dunes and you’ll find yourself at “Park East.” Once you’re on the beach you can start swimming out to the reef. There’s two directional signs that you


A Day at Tarkiln

One of my most favorite trails in all of Pensacola is Tarklin Bayou. It has an abundance of nature along a sidewalk and a boardwalk path. Once you near the edge of the trail, you’ll begin to see the endangered Pitcher Plant! The Pitcher Plant is absolutely gorgeous and easy to spot among a sea